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La Dante offers a vibrant programme dedicated to the Italian collection during the weekend of June, July, and August. This wonderfully uplifting text has only rarely been set to music.

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In a fortnight featuring seven unique shows, audiences will be able to enjoy performances from some of the world’s most outstanding flamenco talent.

Discover a variety of ancient writing systems used in the eastern Mediterranean, including a famous bilingual inscription from Idalion, Cyprus.

More info here The exhibition at The Ruskin Gallery and Gallery 9 project space will feature a varied range of artworks by artists from Italy as well that consider themes of community, locality and communication.

It provides a platform for both living composers and more familiar repertoire, all performed in beautiful historic settings in and around our great city.

The festival has become a significant cultural event in the region and can expect to attract upwards of 25,000 visitors for the productions which run during the eight weeks of the Festival.

From Condor Theatre Company Directed by Franko Figueiredo White Bear Theatre, 138 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4DJ has become one of the most engaging and popular pre-conference activities of the society in the last years.

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