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Their expert knowledge and practical experience guarantee their acknowledgement and acceptance by both the German legislator and their peers.The national bundling of expert knowledge forms the basis for European and international activities.They decide whether you are qualified to join the Luxy community or not.The vouch process helps us make sure we have the best and high quality users.Concerned about privacy issues associated with online dating? With our ‘Play Invisible’ feature on, you can show your profile only to those you liked.

Clicking on gas or water, respectively, will show all rules on gas or water.

Engineered for high-performance used vehicle management, INDICATA enables car makers, dealers and fleet operators to turn data-driven insights into a competitive advantage and provides them strategic guidance to improve operational efficiencies in their used vehicle operations.

The platform collects, processes and analyses live used car market data to provide insights on market dynamics including demand, supply, pricing, inventories, etc.

The DVGW Set of Rules in English The DVGW Set of Rules consists of approximately 650 DVGW rules.

An English translation of the most important sets of rules is available for international companies and institutions as well as for users and companies in the gas and water industries of non-German-speaking countries.

Being free from any economic lobbyism as well as being a non-profit-making, neutral association, the DVGW ensures transparent rule-making processes.

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