17 dating 23 year old sex dating in fairland indiana


Unless it is illegal to even date someone with such an age gap in your state then go for it.

Any other complaint is based solely on assumption by other people.

I'm 22 and play hockey regularly with my friends who are way older than me.

This other group showed up with some guys my age and one girl. We kinda went on a couple dates, and then I went dancing with her and her parents.

When you are 18 you can do as you please, but understand that there can be consequences even then. Defying them now might result in your finding yourself without parental support or a home on your 18th birthday.

I have read that there is a 5 year difference rule.

But i'm not sure if this 5 year difference refers to the AGE of the persons, or their BIRTHDAYS For instance.

I don't want to lose her because she is definitely one of a kind.

I asked her if I should write her parents a letter asking for their permission, she said they would respect me but still say no.

When it comes to sex I don't believe in premarital sex so that too isn't a problem.

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