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"If anything, they are asserting their faith more strongly, but in a way that will connect to the wider world around them."Last January, she met 23-year-old business owner Hakim - of Pakistani and West Indian origin - using the app.

This means someone who is compatible with her Islamic faith and her complex mix of British and Pakistani cultures - and someone she would want to spend the rest of her life with.

before all you need to understand the Saudi men typologies trying to reply to your question.

Saudi men are of 5 types:1- Lived in Saudi Never traveled - Tribal minded : Old Men: (50 and above)They are of less chance to be educated, they have observed huge transformations, they didn't have laws prohibiting marriage from a foreign female.

"I think the new generation are more open to saying if you're Muslim and I'm Muslim, then what's the problem?

We make life difficult for ourselves by putting barriers up between ethnicities." The 32-year-old British Pakistani says it's working, with a couple of hundred now-married couples meeting on the charge-free network.

"It feels like for ever," says the 33-year-old financial adviser from Birmingham who is of Pakistani-Kashmiri heritage.

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