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In canon, Susan's aunt died in an attack on her home, then - probably - the soon-to-be Minister Bones. Hermione with anyone but Ron (and bigotted pure-bloods like Malfoy). Abuse is abuse; whether it's physical, verbal, emotional or psychological.

Of course, we don't see a lot of interaction of Harry with others; but, we really don't know what happened in that 19 years, do we? And Dumbledore knew, by his own words, it would happen, and happening.

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Aka, Harry does his best to make sure he won't die! One shots can be adopted by others if asked (and given) permission. Age: Old enough it no longer matters Sex: Yes, please! And, at the moment, that's now in Perth, Western Australia (After recently moving back from Canberra)Best side for pics: Backside. So, who is this bloke who tends to write epics for stories?Well, I'm a public relations professional - with a degree in it, an' everyfing!Ron, however, was so two-bloody-dimensional - shallow - I expected him to blow away like a sheet of parchment.No, I'd have had Ron blasted through the Veil of Death; not Sirius. As for Harry, I could have seen him developing a relationship with any number of girls. I knew you would when I left you on your aunt and uncle's doorstep.In pretty much his first direct interaction with the boy, he abused him.

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