2hot mobo


Second, the routing holes that feed into a channel around the motherboard aren't just small, they're actually already mostly occupied by the case's leads. Our review unit came with all the fans and fan controller connected .

The fan controller used in the GT1 isn't like the ones I've seen in other cases; it's a single three-pin lead connected to a molex adapter, and if you plug the chain of fans into the wrong side of the sequence, all the fans just run at full speed.

Well obviously i failed and now the plastic is stuck around the pins and im left with what is left on the pictures below.

My questions are: Can i still safely run the pc just without the USB for now, until this gets resolved (if it ever gets resolved) and do tech guys at stores that offer pc repairs have tools to pry this peace of plastic out without damaging the Mo Bo?

There are a couple of major problems going on here.

For those of you not familiar with the benefits of DDR, or it's naming scheme, we'll cover it for you quickly.Mounting the power supply went easily enough, but when we get to the expansion cards we see another place where In-Win cut costs.The expansion slots are covered by perforated steel instead of actual slot covers, so once you pop 'em out, they're open for business forever unless you buy some aftermarket covers.Wiring the motherboard was also easy enough to do, but In-Win includes two power LED leads: one for three pin spaces, another for two, instead of just splitting the positive and negative leads.The toolless drive installation also went absolutely swimmingly.PC2100 RAM is a 133MHz part, with a theoretical peak of 2.1GB/Sec bandwidth...hence the 2100 moniker.

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