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The Vulgate continues to be of scholarly use today in the study of the textual transmission of the Bible and in the historical study of Christian theology. Those who use it are requested to acknowledge their source, report typographical errors to the project maintainer ([email protected]), and make clear any modifications they make. 015B - The Sixth Sense - Farewell to the World (Vol.6) (lbum 1996) 36. 015B - The Fourth Movement (Vol.4) (Album 1993) 35. 100% - 100% Cool Summer Album Sunkiss (Single 2014) 44. 10cm, Acoustic Collabo - Orange Revolution Festival Part.1 (Single 2012) 68. The Vulgate version present on Bible Gateway is the Clementine Text Project, derived principally from the Clementine text edited by A. Turrado (La Editorial Católica, Madrid, 1946) and includes consultations with the editions of C. Congregationis de Propaganda Fide, Rome, 1861) and M.

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