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Most of these were situated around the Green (see next entry).

The main body of soldiers is believed to have encamped in Lowantica Valley (also spelled Loantica or Lowantaka), which was located between what are now Woodland Ave and Spring Valley Rd, near Lowantaka Brook Reservation.

September 27, 1748 - October 13, 1818 Surgeon, Morris County Eastern Battalion Jacob Johnson 1750 or 1751 - April 25, 1780 Private, Morris County Militia In Arnold's Light Horse Cavalry Joseph Lewis 1748 - 1814 Paymaster, NJ Militia John Lindsley 1728 - September 10, 1784 Captain, Morris County Militia Major Joseph Lindsley 1736 - 1822 John Mills February, 1746 - September 24, 1837 Timothy Mills Died March 4, 1803, Age 84 House is on Mills St - John Oliver April 22, 1758 - September 22, 1831 Capt.

Morris County Militia Eastern Battalion Samuel Oliver Died August 16, 1811, Age 78 Capt.

George Washington and the Continental (American) Army suffered defeats during most of the year 1776, culminating in a retreat in November from Fort Lee across New Jersey.

Finally the tide was turned after the famous Christmas night 1776 crossing of the Delaware River, and the American victory at the first Battle of Trenton.

In 1892, the Baptist Church moved from its original location at the Green, into its current building at 51 Washington St.

At that time, three or four wooden boxes of surviving remains of the mass grave were moved and re-interred at Evergreen Cemetery in two unmarked graves.

It stands at the location of two previous church buildings.Many of the soldiers who died of smallpox are buried in the church cemetery. Colonel, 2nd Regiment, Continental Army Peter Dickerson 1724 - May 10, 1780 Captain, 3rd New Jersey Regiment Member of First Provincial Congress NJ Owner of Dickerson Tavern John Doughty 1754 - September 10, 1826 Colonel Jacob Ford, Sr.The cemetery contains the graves of many Revolutionary War soldiers, and locals with Revolutionary War connections. April 13, 1704 - January 19, 1777 Prominent Land-Holder and Iron Manufacturer Member of New Jersey House of Assembly Judge of Morris County Court Ardent Promoter of Independence Colonel Jacob Ford, Jr.The original structure, which was built in 1738 - 1740, stood here at the time of the Revolutionary War.During the 1777 Morristown winter encampment, while General Washington was headquartered across the Green at Arnold Tavern, this church was used as a hospital for soldiers suffering from small pox. William De Hart December 1746 - June 16, 1801 Major, 1st Battalion, New Jersey Lieut.Upon arriving in Morristown on January 6, Washington made his headquarters at the tavern of Jacob Arnold, which was located at this site.

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