Accredited dating agencies singapore


It will work either way but that’s the fun part about the event isn’t it?

You will never know what kind of person you are going to meet and talk to next.

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Of course high-tea isn’t the only event organised by dating agencies like Love Express. For Love Express, once past a certain time, it’s off to the next table (the guys will do the moving) and you have to start your self-introductions again.For most singles of marriageable age (21 years and older), we are reminded by our aged relatives at every Chinese New Year almost without fail.Of course after you find the right one, there are also other levels (read: pressure) to pass such as getting married, have a kid, and then more kids. The minimum threshold to ‘saving one’s face’ (read: avoid humiliation) is to get married and the fear of being ‘left on the shelf’ is very real. Social stigma and stereotypes are still very much prevalent in Singapore but this is not good news for the country even as more people are marrying later, or not marrying altogether.Anyone who uses a dating agency has got to be quite a failure isn’t it? Through the multiple conversations with the attendees, I found that many of these attendees are actually doing quite well.One of the guys there hold an MBA while another works for a research company at Biopolis.I asked if she caught Dementia and she lamented that she couldn’t catch it because her students can’t watch a M18 show.

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