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(Laughter.) He attempts to make law funny.") (Listen to the segment.) See HOF/60sites04.html: leads off a review of legal humor websites: "LAW is serious stuff.

But don't tell that to New York lawyer Lawrence Savell, for fear he might abandon his endlessly entertaining site, Law,

Savell dedicates his site 'to the proposition that zealous representation of clients and furtherance of the public good can be only enhanced by a healthy willingness to poke fun at ourselves appropriately on occasion.' And poke fun he does, through humorous articles, music, comics and even games.

Consider, for example, 'Law Review: A Love Story,' a lawyer love story written in the style of a law review, complete with footnotes.

DISCLAIMER: Lawyers also live for disclaimers, so here's mine. included on "list of top law-related humor websites" as the place "where you can ...

Several sophisticated javascripts and other coding which have very generously been made available by talented programmers have been parodied, modified, and/or otherwise incorporated into this site, and if to any degree they do not perform in a spiffy and jazzy manner it is completely my fault. Chicken really should be consumed within two days after it is cooked. "Legal Humor, Anecdotes and Oddities: Selected Bibliography of Materials available in the Northeastern University School of Law Library," Northeastern University School of Law Library, , July 21, 2003: "Law by Lawrence Savell, a litigation attorney from New York supplies links to witty articles and outrageous musical parodies" ( Humor.pdf) 7.

He has put out an actual album, 'The Lawyer's Holiday Humor Album.' He's got this actually kind of funny site, he's got a lot of his humor columns, he's got .

Acme Dating Co is located in West Palm Beach, FL which is in Palm Beach County.Since the subject is one of wide scope, implies hundreds of different samples and there are no prior studies to rely upon, I will arrange and add information slowly as time permits. Hudson, “The acme Thunderer ” and other types, many of which were ordered by American companies and many carrying their logos. I, Horstmann, B & R , Gotham metal works, Colsoff, Wilson, North Brothers and others, many makers are unidentified as of now. It was manufactured in France by a Paris Based company. “ The right one is a rare bubble top with no stem escargot, stamped Frankfort U. Meanwhile I hope the visitors of this pages will enjoy the pictures. There are many more stamps on other escargot types. These would be treated in another entry since they differ from the common Hudson whistles only in Body stamps. Inspection of small details, can be very rewarding when trying to know more about these whistles , The cap, The Tooth grips, the window, the pea, the general construction, the tongue type, no tongue, the shape of the beak- mouthpiece, the size , color & patina, Each one of these is important when studying whistles. Acme Dating Co is located at the address in Nashville, Tennessee 37201.They can be contacted via phone at (615) 742-3283 for pricing, hours and directions.Ambrogi at ABA Tech Show 2004, March 26, 2004: ("Well, are lawyers funny? There's a website that attempts to answer that question, called .

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