Adhd dating


Try barn dancing or country dancing for something a little different.

When dining out, consider a buffet restaurant so you have the chance to move around while selecting your food.

It might be that he is not interested of course, but it just doesn't feel that way when we see eachother. Is he on medication, does he use strategies to deal, etc.

Am confused at the moment and decided not to initiate anymore dates. So I guess my question is, does anyone with ADHD recognise this kind of behaviour? People with ADD are usually charming, wonderful, and fun; but theres a reason we leave a wake of destruction behind us in life.

As situations unfold, be open about what you are feeling and experiencing and apologize when you lose focus or do something to upset your date.

A person who has genuine interest in you will try to understand.

You might chronically forget plans you've made, arrive late, or get distracted during conversations.

It will take focus, effort and communication on your part and understanding on the part of your date, but the reward is that both of you will have a good time.

HI guys, I'm new here, hope you can help me with some insights on my issue :)So I have been dating this guy for a month now (3,4 dates so far) that has AD(H)D.

Mention that you have difficulties in some areas or activities due to ADD or ADHD.

If your date shows interest, give him or her some more details on the condition, such as whether the particular symptom is classified as inattention, impulsivity or hyperactivity.

Choose something like tennis where there’s plenty of action and you don’t have to stand around waiting for your turn.

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