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After breaking up with his girlfriend Caitlin Boyd, he returned to a life of crime and robbed jewelry stores with his high school friends. Sean took the blame and served two years in prison.Ice-T's raps later described how he and his friends pretended to be customers to gain access before smashing the display glass with baby sledgehammers. Ice-T stated that he owed a debt of gratitude to Sean because his prison time allowed him to pursue a career as a rapper.In 1982, Ice-T met producer Willie Strong from Saturn Records.In 1983, Strong recorded Ice-T's first single, "Cold Wind Madness", also known as "The Coldest Rap", an electro hip-hop record that became an underground success, becoming popular even though radio stations did not play it due to the song's hardcore lyrics. Ice-T enjoyed the single's sound and delivery, as well as its vague references to gang life, although the real life gang, Park Side Killers, was not named in the song.Marrow and his group opened the show, dancing to a live band.The singers were Thomas Barnes, Ronald Robinson and Lapekas Mayfield.Body Count's next album was released in 1994, and Ice-T released two more albums in the late-1990s.

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He sold cannabis and stole car stereos to earn extra cash, but he was not making enough to support his pregnant girlfriend.That same year, Ice-T released "Body Rock," another electro hip-hop single that found popularity in clubs. Ice-T decided to adopt Schoolly D's style, and wrote the lyrics to his first gangsta rap song, "6 in the Mornin'", in his Hollywood apartment, and created a minimal beat with a Roland TR-808.Ice-T then was a featured rapper on "Reckless", a single by DJ Chris "The Glove" Taylor & David Storrs that appeared on the soundtrack for the 1984 movie Breakin'. He compared the sound of the song, which was recorded as a B-Side on the single "Dog'n The Wax", to that of the Beastie Boys.He heard The Sugar Hill Gang's newly released single "Rapper's Delight," which inspired him to perform his own raps over the instrumentals of this and other early hip-hop records.The music, however, did not fit his lyrics or form of delivery.Marrow received a non-judicial punishment as a consequence of his dereliction of duty.

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