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A collapsed core design is appropriate for a small, single building business.This type of design uses two layers (the collapsed core and distribution layers consolidated into one layer and the access layer).A high port density switch provides very fast connectivity for many devices.In a Layer 2 broadcast frame, the destination MAC address (contained in the frame header) is set to all binary ones, therefore, the format of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.In order to scale switching on a network that consists of fixed-configuration switches, more switches need to be purchased.This increases the number of power outlets that need to be used.

Bandwidth aggregation is also easier, because the backplane of the chassis can provide the bandwidth that is needed for the switch port line cards.

A converged network provides a single infrastructure that combines voice, video, and data.

Analog phones, user data, and point-to-point video traffic are all contained within the single network infrastructure of a converged network.

In the exhibit, 4 links between routers make 4 broadcast domains.

Also, each LAN that is connected to a router is a broadcast domain.

Acting as a backbone and aggregating campus blocks are functions of the core layer.

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