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I may be moving cross country with my cats this summer too (DC to Phoenix) and am struggling with the same issue (enjoy the road trip vs get there quickly).

Amazon has a couple of containment options that I'm looking at instead of traditional plastic carriers or letting them roam free; try looking up "pet tube kennel" and "cat carrier show house".

Has anyone driven from NYC to Las Vegas with pets, do you know any route that is easier than other in terms of finding pet friendly accommodations? I see this has been on here for a while without any responses.

We would like to enjoy our trip cross country ( New York to Las Vegas) since it would be my first time traveling across the US but we have three cats and this could create a serious impediment, please help! I think that's because most folks can't fathom why you would want to travel cross country with 3 cats.

Google maps can probably help find one of these near each of your stopping points.

That's about as far as I've gotten myself, but I'll be following to see if anyone else offers tips. I Googled both of those and while I think they would be great for in the car they pose one problem and that is getting a cat safely to and from the hotel.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should the cats be allowed to roam freely in the vehicle.

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I have had to do this with one cat when my DH worked in a job where we lived in motels for a summer. Cats are creatures who prowl in the night and usually aren't happy being cooped up in a strange motel room.

I think the worst that happened to them is one cat apparently gets car sick... In the end the non-sedated cat howled for the four hours and the sedated cat remained sedated for 12 hours.

In the end I regretted sedating the cat or not sedating both cats.

A carrier that keeps them safe from roaming inside the car and that allows you to just pick them up and move them without having to open the car door and grab them before they get loose is a better solution, imho.

Something like one designed for airline use might work better. Very true, getting the cats into the hotel is a problem, but I can't get my head around keeping them in an airline sized carrier 8 hrs a day for 5 days of driving. My friends moved from NJ to San Fran with three cats.

They slip out of the car in a flash if you stop for gas/food/walks and are a challenge to recapture.

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