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These are some of the questions in the Open Data, Internet Society, and Community track.Meet developers of Postgre SQL, My SQL, Apache Spark, Maria DB and No SQL projects and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database track.

He is also known as Raster or Rasterman to the open source community, best known for initiating and leading the development of the Enlightenment window manager and its libraries.Learn about BSD network servers, Hacking with x86 Windows Tablets, Asynchronous integration of GPU computing with HPX many task processing, Unikernelized Linux, Open Build Service in Debian, and Learn C from the trenches. As more and more tools are available to a larger part of the population the chance to become a scientist or simply to participate in citizen science increases. How can contributors join the development and what are the opportunities? He delivers digital channels for CASE and runs major projects in the manner of services for e-mobility and customer centricity.CASE stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric..She holds a degree in Computer Science from Stanford.Graham is as a practitioner and researcher in areas of health, banking, insurance, finance, taxation, immigration, and many more.Kaz is Staff Developer Advocate at Google Cloud focusing on Machine Learning and Data Analytics products, such as Tensor Flow, Cloud ML and Big Query.

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