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The 656-page paperback is and can be ordered from the ANLC.

Native villages now are identified in the local language as well as in English. The map, generated with geographic information system (GIS) technology, is the joint product of the Alaska Native Language Center and UAA’s Institute of Social and Economic Research.Also shown are the English and scientific names, and many entries are illustrated with photos.Chapters are devoted to trees and shrubs, edible berries, mouse foods, other edible plants, medicinals, poisonous plants, grasses and sedges, ferns, mosses, miscellaneous plants, algae, lichens, and fungi. Denali is the new official name of the continent's tallest peak, still called by some Mount Mc Kinley.With editorial refinements spanning more than three decades, this 2016 edition of Shem Pete's Alaska will remain the essential reference work on the Dena'ina people. Fall, contains many maps and photos (some in color), as well as a thorough index. It can be ordered by email or phone, and it can be bought in our office in the Brooks Building. id=235 Professor Anna Berge's new book -- Pribilof Anĝaĝigan Tunungin / The Way We Talk in the Pribilofs -- is an in-depth introduction to learning one of the less-well documented varieties of Unangam Tunuu.Unangam Tunuu is the language of the people indigenous to the Aleutian Islands; it is highly endangered, but speaker communities are found in the Aleutian and Pribilof Islands of Alaska and the Commander Islands of Eastern Russia.https://com/alaska-news/rural-alaska/2016/12/01/the-town-formerly-known-as-barrow-already-in-court-over-new-name-of-utqiagvik/ The story has a link to a minute of discussion in which the two Inupiaq names are spoken.

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