Albuquerque gay men dating service

Name: Shane Black Age: 28 Location: Albuquerque Job: Sales consultant/football coach Email: [email protected] breakdown: "I'm spontaneous, and friends can count on me." Adrenaline junkie: "I used to ride motocross, and I've been bungee jumping.I like pushing myself to the limit." His i Pod's paused on: "' Santeria,' by Sublime." Hottest girl getup: "Jeans and a tee shirt" Ideal first date: "Snowboarding."Call" Name: Joe Cruz Age: 29 Hometown: Albuquerque Cosmo Username: NEWMEXICOBACH07 Occupation: Fitness Trainer In his own words: "I tend to be soft-spoken at first, but once I feel comfortable, I can be really funny." Favorite female body parts: "Lips and eyes" Chick trait he loves: "An air of mystery.

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I'm a man of my word." His favorite things: "Family, my snowboard and traveling.

I'd love to check out the Mayan pyramids in Mexico or experience the old-world feel of Switzerland on the slopes.

They're all beautiful, but she gets extra points if they're full and soft." Sweetest way a woman wowed him: "While I was away from home doing an internship in Washington, D.

C., the girl I was dating sent me a homemade card and a batch of my favorite cookies.

It feels really nice."Dating deal breaker: "When a woman is ungrateful.

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