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[It’s hard] to come in and be the character that everyone hates.That was quite hard at the beginning, but interesting and different for me … But, sometimes, there, there’s like a hangover from it.And even though Dylan turned out to be a bit of a cad, lovely actor Rachel Shelley, the woman who gave life to Helena, is still basking in that post-coital glow.With dozens of TV appearances from this year and it seems like you’re the character who is really gaining popularity.As for the WWE Championship match, hopefully we’ll be treated to some Rock interference or post-match brawl between these 3 WWE Superstars. John Cena wallpaper 1920×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1600×900 | 1280×1024 | 1280×800 | 1024×768 / i Pad | 800×600 | PSP wallpaper | 3D wallpaper Posted on March 26th, 2011 at am by Mr.Ever since Rock came back, you can’t deny that this feud got a much-needed boost. Kupy Posted in Alberto Del Rio, All Designs, Edge, I) Wrestling Wallpapers, John Cena, The Miz, The Undertaker, Triple H, Wrestle Mania 27 Tags: Alberto Del Rio, Edge, I) Wrestling Wallpapers, John Cena, The Miz, The Undertaker, Triple H, Wrestle Mania, Wrestle Mania 27, wrestling, WWE, WWE Wallpapers When the glass breaks, we all know who’s comin’.. Granted he won’t be doing any form of wrestling on Wrestle Mania 27, his presence alone adds something special in whatever he’s involved in – this time in a heated match between Jerry Lawler and the most hated guy in WWE today, Michael Cole.The World Heavyweight Championship match features the Rated R Superstar, Edge versus the brash Alberto Del Rio.

Even my peers are raving about this year’s Wrestle Mania season and how couldn’t they?There are, yes, but I wouldn’t really want to, to tell you about them to be honest. and you chat with them, and they tell you their stories and that’s it. Sure, because you’re coming into their homes every week. I haven’t seen it but yes, I do help her along the path of discovery. A lot of lesbians have a fantasy about helping straight women discover their sexuality. And that’s kind of one of the stories that we do this season. OK The hottest woman, I think — and I think everyone on this show agrees — Kate Moss, is up there with all of our top fantasies. I think we were all just saying this morning that, you know, that, there were a couple of us talking, and we were saying if we were gay, that’s who I’d go after. A lot of people say Angelina Jolie, right off the bat. I mean, she’s absolutely stunning, that goes without saying. [] She probably wouldn’t scare old Helena but she’d scare me. Yeah, exactly, so that we feel like a guest, like friends and we start talking to them and they often open up about things, which I’m sure they wouldn’t do if if they didn’t know my face and we’d just met. I imagine those are a lot more intimate than say a sci-fi con. Now with your role with Helena on , do you feel like Helena helped Dylan discover that she was a lesbian or bisexual woman? I’ve seen it happen, first hand, with friends of mine, so, who knows? It’s been nice cause I’ve also got to work with some of the other characters that Helena hasn’t really cast off with before, which is nice. Both Miz and Cena are benefiting from this hot angle right now. We’ve seen Austin guest ref a Wrestle Mania match before (Umaga vs.Continue this until Summerslam and fans will surely dig this 3-way feud. With all that said, Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers brings to you the latest Wrestlemania 27 wallpaper featuring the triple main event matches that will make Wrestle Mania 27 a must-watch not only for WWE fans, but to ALL wrestling fans as well. Lashley at Wrestle Mania 23) so some of us already have an idea what he’s capable of doing.Lastly, the chances of Triple H winning against Undertaker is ZERO. He’ll definitely be impartial but if you cross him, you’ll pay the price.

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