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Specifically, students will learn to construct financial statements from scratch, analyze financial scenarios, project pro forma financial statements, and construct elementary models for the purposes of valuation. An introductory course offering the basic care of most companion animals.

Restriction: Preference given to Animal Care and Laboratory Animal Management students.

Course offered: Fall This course introduces the student to more in-depth skills involving animal care and handling, concentrating on the dog and cat.

Anatomy and physiology, diseases and conditions affecting these species and entry level skills such as first aid, intramuscular and subcutaneous injection techniques, obtaining vital signs, bandaging and splinting techniques and basic laboratory procedures are taught. Husbandry rotations in the Becker Veterinary Clinic are required.

Prerequisite: Sophomore status in the Animal Care program; ANSC1005, ANSC1010, or VTSC1101; ANSC1201.

A generalized overview of the fundamental principles of animal behavior, including patterns of behavior and the influence of structure, physiology, heredity, and experience on behavior.

Students begin their study of the basic time value of money concepts that are the foundation for basic valuation techniques for both financial securities and projects valuation.

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