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Great works of art were functional: they served as gifts to the gods, monuments to the dead, or commemorations of events in the life of a city.

Certainly it is clear that there was no concept of “).The reasons for the introduction of figures, even the exact significance of such decoration, are problematic.On the simplest level, the subject matter is a factor: battles and funerals can be related to the lives of the aristocratic patrons whose graves were marked out by the Dipylon vases.The greatest sculptors sometimes wrote books detailing their philosophy of art, and there was obviously a body of philosophical thought behind the more important advances in the painter’s technique during the 5th and 4th centuries this became a basis for discussion by the philosophers themselves, indicating that, by then at least, a theory of art coexisted with the corpus of workshop techniques that might reasonably be called the practice of art.Paintings on wall plaster, wood, and marble panels are easily eradicated, and most ancient paintings were destroyed long ago.The figures were not conceived in realistic terms; rather, they were formalized into geometric shapes whose schematic appearance did the least possible damage to the overall decorative pattern.

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