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Toluene has been found in at least 851 of the sites on the NPL. Surface electromyography was performed on the proximal musculature of the arm. [(1) Brodzinsky R, Singh HB; Volatile Organics in the Atmosphere and Assessment of available data: p. Currance; Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure. The average blood concentration of was 16.7 ug/ml and 17.7 ug/ml and not significantly different for the eight and sixteen hours exposed groups respectively.

However, the number of NPL sites evaluated for toluene is not known. /IN/ MAN WHO INHALED REGULARLY FOR OVER 14 YR /WAS DESCRIBED/. 3 c/s reciprocal rhythmical grouping discharges were found at the terminal phase of the elbow bending. 126-7 SRI Contract (1982) (2) Otson R et al; J Assoc Off Analyt Chem 65: 1370-4 (1982)]**PEER REVIEWED** Minimum Fatal Dose Level: Ingestion of approximately 60 ml (625 mg/kg) of proved fatal for a while male mental patient. /Aromatic hydrocarbons and related compounds/ [Bronstein, A. [Naalsund LU; Acta Pharmacol Toxicol 59 (4): 325-31 (1988)]**PEER REVIEWED** The effects of from postnatal day 1 until sacrifice at postnatal day 28, when the hippocampal region (area dentata, Ammon's horn, subiculum) was examined by light microscope and alterations in the volumes of the layers of the subdivisions were determined.

As EPA evaluates more sites, the number of sites at which toluene is found may increase. Acton, Mass.: Publishing Sciences Group, Inc., 1974., p. [American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Documentation of the Threshold Limit Values and Biological Exposure Indices. Cincinnati, OH: American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, 1986., p. The tremor was diminished by 20 minutes ischemic compression test of the arm. [Ameno K et al; Forensic Sci Int 41: 255-60 (1989) as cited in U. Dept Health & Human Services/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry; Toxicological Profile for Toluene (Update) p.52 (1994) ATSDR/TP-93/14]**PEER REVIEWED** Emergency Medical Treatment: Antidote and Emergency Treatment: Basic treatment: Establish a patent airway. Watch for signs of respiratory insufficiency and assist ventilations if necessary. For eye contamination, flush eyes immediately with water. For ingestion, rinse mouth and administer 5 ml/kg up to 200 ml of water for dilution if the patient can swallow, has a strong gag reflex, and does not drool. The layers of Ammon's horn and the subiculum were not affected qualitatively or quantitatively by the 500 ppm exposure.

This information is important because exposure to toluene may cause harmful health effects and because these sites are potential or actual sources of human exposure to toluene. 578]**PEER REVIEWED** VAPORS OF CAUSE NOTICEABLE SENSATION OF IRRITATION TO HUMAN EYES AT 300-400 PPM IN AIR, BUT EVEN AT 800 PPM IRRITATION IS SLIGHT. IN HUMAN VOLUNTEERS EXPOSED TO CONCN AS HIGH AS 800 PPM ... With respect to therapy, clonazepam was useful for hyperkinesie volitionnelle. ]**PEER REVIEWED** In recent years some youngsters have been indulging in what is called thinner inhalation, posing a serious social problem. Hazardous Materials Toxicology-Clinical Principles of Environmental Health. 1091]**PEER REVIEWED** Controlled exposure effects on volunteers were studied at concentrations ranging from 40, 60, or 100 ppm. Psychologic measurements indicated decrements in vigilance, visual perception, motor performance, and ability to carry out functions at 100 ppm. Administer oxygen by nonrebreather mask at 10 to 15 L/min. Irrigate each eye continuously with normal saline during transport ... Within the area dentata, the volume of the granule cell layer was 6% smaller in animals exposed to 100 ppm and 13% smaller in animals exposed to 500 ppm than they were in controls.

With this in mind, the best of breed air purifier for Toluene removal from indoor air is IQAir GC Chemisorber Multigas or VOC. One of the children became comatose after an episode of "sniffing" which lasted for several hours. [Ehyai A, Freemon FR; J Neural Neurosurg Psychiatry 46 (4): 349-51 (1983)]**PEER REVIEWED** exposures produced incoordination, ataxia, unconsciousness and eventually, death. [Yin S et al; Ind Health 25: 113-30 (1987) as cited in U. Dept Health & Human Services/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry; Toxicological Profile for Toluene (Update) p.41 (1994) ATSDR/TP-93/14]**PEER REVIEWED** Children born to abusers have exhibited renal tubular acidosis immediately after birth due to hyperchloremia. 3190]**PEER REVIEWED** Medical Surveillance: Yearly physical examinations of exposed personnel, with special attention to the eyes and central nervous system, including complete blood count and liver function tests. Toxic and Hazardous Industrial Chemicals Safety Manual. 2185]**PEER REVIEWED** Hippuric acid levels above 5 g/l of urine may result from exposure greater than 200 ppm determined as a time weighted average. Handbook of Toxic and Hazardous Chemicals and Carcinogens, 1985. Tokyo, Japan: The International Technical Information Institute, 1988., p. Currance; Emergency Care for Hazardous Materials Exposure. CALVES IN POOR CONDITION SHOWED STAGGERING GAIT AND SOME COLLAPSED BUT RECOVERY WAS COMPLETE AFTER UP TO 4 HOURS. Frequencies of theta-activity in the exposed groups were found to differ from their respective control group by variance analysis. 3190]**PEER REVIEWED** Hazardous Decomposition: When heated to decomposition it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes.

It is proven to be one of the most effective air cleaners on the market today and will likely clean your air of both solids and gases such as Toluene and Formaldehyde with the highest efficiency compared to other air purifiers. Adverse effects included reduced appetite, nightmares, vertical nystagmus, and incoordination. Lower level acute exposures in man produce dizziness, exhilaration and confusion. Schedule controlled behaviors have been reported to produce inverted U-shaped concentration-effect curves on response rate measures. In each incident the acidosis was resolved within 3 days of birth. Tokyo, Japan: The International Technical Information Institute, 1988., p. 526]**PEER REVIEWED** Probable Routes of Human Exposure: NIOSH (NOES Survey 1981-1983) has statistically estimated that 1,625,598 workers (288,299 of these are female) are potentially exposed to were documented: manufacturing of metals, 420; manufacturing of metal fabricated products 64,000; electrical machinery and apparatus, 1,500; manufacture of transport equipment 2,700; painters and carpenters 15,000; construction workers, 5,400; publishing and printing, 6,300; wholesale trades, 5,000; textile and leather manufacturing, 4,400; wood and furniture manufacturing, 5,900; manufacture of chemicals, 8,700; manufacture of paints and petroleum, 1,400; manufacture of non-metallic mineral products, 2,300; manufacture of optical instruments, 2,500 manufacture of plastic and boat building, 1,100; sewage and refuse disposal, 99; agriculture and forestry, 11,000; health services, 2,600. Use proparacaine hydrochloride to assist eye irrigation ... /Aromatics hydrocarbons and related compounds/ [Bronstein, A. FOUR TIMES THERAPEUTIC DOSE RATE PRODUCED NO OBSERVABLE CHANGES IN ... Each point on the frequency versus time plot were further analysed by Student's t-test.

He’s been using R since 2001 and enjoying it since 2005.

He uses R to develop applications to perform predictive modeling, text analytics, and data visualizations.

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Michigan Singles can enjoy the benefit of being involved in a relation with our sexy men or women who will definitely be your next stop after your first preference.Jeremy’s presentation discussed two real-world applications: one app that creates and analyzes multiply imputed data sets, and another that uses a neural network to predict stock market performance on the basis of daily data feeds.These examples show how it is possible to provide clients with true business intelligence options beyond the simplistic dashboards that dominate the market.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified 1,350 hazardous waste sites as the most serious in the nation. [GERNER-SCMIDT P, FRIEDRICH U; MUTATION RESEARCH 58: 313 (1978)]**PEER REVIEWED** A 28 yr old painter who was believed to be a habitual sniffer was admitted to Chiba Emergency Medical Center on several occasions. Deep tendon reflexes were all exaggerated, but there was no pathological reflex. Electroencephalography showed 40-50 u V, 9-10 c/s alpha waves with a few fast waves. Characteristics of this condition are described as well as its medical management. [(1) Hollund BE, Moen BE; Ann Occup Hyg 42: 277-81 (1998) (2) Eitzer BD; Environ Sci Technol 29: 896-902 (1995) (3) Brandorff NP et al; Occup Environ Med 52: 454-63 (1995) (4) Angerer J, Kraemer A; Int Arch Occup Environ Health 69: 91-96 (1997)]**PEER REVIEWED** Body Burden: in the blood and urine of workers in glass fiber and clutch lining plants were 911 ug/l and 2.9 mg/l, respectively(6). Monitor cardiac rhythm and treat arrhythmias if necessary ... Start an IV with D5W /SRP: "To keep open", minimal flow rate/. This change was also reached after either weeks of exposure in the eight hours daily exposed group. 310]**PEER REVIEWED** Reacts photochemically with nitrogen oxides or halogens to form nitrotoluene, nitrobenzene and nitrophenol and halogenated products, respectively. Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man. These sites comprise the "National Priorities List" (NPL): Those sites which are targeted for long-term federal cleanup activities. 927]**PEER REVIEWED** Metabolic acidosis with a high "anion gap" in 2 patients who had been sniffing . Symptoms included: Tremors of the upper extremeties, staggering of gait, slurred speech, slight mental deterioration, pendular nystagmus, bradycardia, mild tremor of the leg, action myoclonus, and head and trunchal titubation. The involuntary movements were classified as hyperkinesie volitionnelle. Brain CT scan revealed a moderate enlargement of the lateral and third ventricles. Hazardous Materials Toxicology-Clinical Principles of Environmental Health. 1092]**PEER REVIEWED** Acute effects in humans following exposure to : 50-100 ppm: subjective complaints (fatigue or headache), but probably no observable impairment of reaction time or coordination; 200 ppm: mild throat and eye irritation; 100-300 ppm: detectable signs of incoordination may be expected during exposure periods up to 8 hr; 400 ppm: lacrimation and irritation to the eyes and throat; 300-800 ppm: gross signs of incoordination may be expected during exposure periods up to 8 hr; 1500 ppm: probably not lethal for exposure periods of up to 8 hr; 4000 ppm: would probably cause rapid impairment of reaction time and coordination, exposures of one hr or longer might lead to /CNS depression/ and possibly death; 10,000-30,000 ppm: onset of /CNS depression/ within a few minutes, longer exposures may be lethal. [Erramouspe J et al; J Psychoactive Drugs 28 (2): 201-4 (1996)]**PEER REVIEWED** Skin, Eye and Respiratory Irritations: A human eye irritant. [(1) Pellizzari ED et al; Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 28: 322-8 (1982) (2) Antoine SR et al; Bull Environ Contam Toxicol 36: 364-71 (1986) (3) Stanley JS; Broad Scan Analysis of the FY82 National Human Adipose Tissue Survey Specimens Vol. 5 USEPA-560/5-86-035 (1986) (4) Lindstrom AB, Pleil J; J Air Waste Manage Assoc 46: 676-82 (1996) (5) Ashley DL et al; Clin Chem 40: 1401-14 (1994) (6) Angerer J, Kraemer A; Int Arch Occup Environ Health 69: 91-96 (1997)]**PEER REVIEWED** Average Daily Intake: AIR INTAKE (assume median concn 11 ppb(1)) 843 ug; WATER INTAKE (assume 2 ppb(2)) 4 ug; FOOD INTAKE - insufficient data. Use lactated Ringer's if signs of hypovolemia are present. At this moment the theta-activity was frequency disrupted by short amplitude irregular waves, a phenomen which increased gradually throughout the rest of the exposure period. Geneva: World Health Organization, International Agency for Research on Cancer, 1972-PRESENT. V47 79 (1989)]**PEER REVIEWED** Explosive reaction with 1,3-dichloro-5,5-dimethyl-2,4-imidazolididione; dinitrogen tetraoxide; concentrated nitric acid, sulfuric acid nitric acid; N2O4; Ag Cl O4; Br F3; Uranium hexafluoride; sulfur dichloride. IQ Air GC Chemisorber contains an impressive 12 pounds of the advanced Carbon-Potassium Permanganate filter media and has a very sophisticated gas filtration cartridge system plus highly efficient HEPA filtration for the removal of the tiniest of solid particulates as well. Alterations at levels as low as 150 ppm have been reported when appetitive contingencies are used. Pittsburgh, PA: Allied Fischer Scientific, 1985., p. [Lindemann R; Acta Pediatr Scand 80: 882-4 (1991) as cited in U. Dept Health & Human Services/Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry; Toxicological Profile for Toluene (Update) p.49 (1994) ATSDR/TP-93/14]**PEER REVIEWED** Several case series have demonstrated that high exposure to through sniffing during pregnancy induces a syndrome that closely resembles the fetal alcohol syndrome, with pre- and postnatal growth deficiency, microcephaly and developmental delay, typical craniofacial features including micrognathia, small palpebral fissures, and ear anomalies. Monographs on the Evaluation of the Carcinogenic Risk of Chemicals to Man. 526]**PEER REVIEWED** The clinical examination should include hemocytometric testing and a thrombocyte (platelet) count in view of the possibility that may contain a certain proportion of benzene. The total number of work related exposure events was 140,000(3). 181-2]**PEER REVIEWED** Advanced treatment: Consider orotracheal or nasotracheal intubation for airway control in the patient who is unconscious or in respiratory arrest. Compared to the non-exposed group the eight hours daily exposed showed an initial period of increased frequency of the regular theta-waves together with an increased incidence of theta-activity after 1-2 weeks of exposure.

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