Are jeremy sumpter and aimee teegarden dating


When she finally accepted that Tim was more like an older brother than a love interest, she moved onto Luke Cafferty, who was the East Dillon replica of Matt Saracen.

When she and Luke had sex for the first time, Becky got pregnant, Luke's parents hated her, and she was torn between being dedicated to her Christian roots and wanting an abortion.

Before I get a mob of comments on this article of how I couldn't have possibly put Becky at number 14, I just want to clarify that I fast-forwarded the parts of FNL that she was in when I watched it a second time through.His care for Tyra was through any roof, but he was so damn emotional that it actually clouded his judgement through every season of FNL.Remember when Landry beat someone to death (on accident) because he was taking advantage of Tyra?The writers also exposed the idea of black men believing their only way to success is through athletics, but the realism of that situation wasn't fully addressed.However, away from these stereotypes, Smash Williams dealt with many pressures that young black males go through in every day life, allowing him to be relatable to some viewers.8.He and Tim reconciled and became inseparable as ever.

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