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Lexie was the daughter of Ernest Fulton Thompson and Bertha Magee. Britney’s grandmother Lilian was born in Barkham Road, Tottenham.Britney’s maternal grandfather was Barnett/Barney O’Field Bridges (the son of Joel Menton Bridges and Adeline/Addie/Addy Williams). Joel was the son of James/John Jackson Bridges and Mary Josephine Phillips. George was the son of Edward Richard Portelli, who was from Malta, and of Alice Taylor.She is Alpine and armenoid, it has nothing to do about being lebanese or something its just a phenotype common in many Arab countries/Sicilians from Messina, Catania, Syracuse and in Jews.And, many sicilians does have a lot of north african genes, mostly scores more than 10% on 23andme.Lebanon is an Arab/MENA country while Sicily is part of Southern Europe, and Lady Gaga is not Armenoid at all: OTc5MTYz Nj So?this is armenoid phenotype very common in many southern italians, and lady gaga does it in many pictures.12% native american is enough to make you look mestizo, dont you think southern italians looks MENA because many are more than 10% north african? Italian Monica Bellucci,_Women's_World_Awards_2009_Lebanse Actress fact is that what you think is Armenoid is not actually Armenoid. A real Armenoid has these features (Nose, occiput, forehead and eyes): C. Lady gaga is not fully armenoid but she has some influence, she is also alpine.

Although I don’t think they are even distantly related being that all Mindy Sterling’s ancestors 500-1000 years back were Ashkenazi Jewish and Britney Spears doesn’t have any Jewish ancestry that far back. You’re comparing a black and white picture of a hook-nosed swarthy Georgian man with the one of an entertainer of mixed South and North/West European background who had several plastic surgery treatments, and whose natural appareance (before she become famous) was this: OTc5MTYz Nj she looks more armenoid before she was famous their eyes are quite similars Log in to Reply Article on Britney’s ancestors, including photos of grandparents Lillian Portell and Barnett Bridges, and great-grandparents Lillian Lewis and George Portell/Portelli: in to Reply All of those heritage are BRITISH.Judy garland with blonde hair looks exactly like younger Britney Spears in to Reply Okay thanks I forgot about that.Some of Britney’s distant English ancestors lived in Barbados and Liberia.Britney’s paternal grandfather was June Austin Spears (the son of June Bacot/Becker Spears and Nova Mae Gill). Britney’s great-grandfather June was the son of Pascal Greene Spears and Mary Pauline Bridges.She doesnt look southern european, she looks mostly british.

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