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The subjects included in this edition are fifty-six in number, and comprise "The Angler's Repast" and "Dancing Dogs" ; such illustrations of child life as the "Playing at Soldiers," "The Kite Entangled," "Birds Nesting," "Nutting," and " The Angry Farmer "; several of his subject pictures, of which " Lcetitia " and " The Recruit " series are examples : Stable and Rural scenes, such as "The Reckoning," "The Postboy's Return," " The Benevolent Sportsman," "The Turnpike Gate," "Gipsies," and the "Farmer's Stable " ; and a selection of the Coast and Fishing scenes. Photogravure & Half-tone Block Maker & Printer to the Trade. In the amount of information it contains, the third volume of Art Prices Current shows a considerable advance upon its two predecessors. By a number of French and Foreign Specialists, under the direction of E. Two large volumes, octavo, each containing more than 1 ,000 pages with numerous illustrations aher the Masters.

We are enabled, by a special arrangement with the publisher, to offer this splendid record of Morland's work at £2 2s. i™™^™ Hanfstaengl "^"^ undertakes the entire production of Illustrated Catalogues of Private Picture Collections, including photographing, plate making, block making, &c. Critical and Descriptive Dictionary ®t ipaintcrs, Wcsigncts, i Sngtavets, Sculptors, of all times an O countries.

"There is little doubt that " ' Art Prices Current ' is the ' Art Prices Current ' will take handiest record of its kmd, and its place as a standard work of withm Its limits, yet published." reference. progress on connoisseurship, the " This IS by far the most ' Fine Art Trade Journal," has useful publication of the kind that entered on a publication, which. dealers and co Uertors who " There is no doubt as to its wish to keep in touch with the value for purposes of reference." current prices of pictures." Offices of THE FINE / i RT TRADE JOURNAL: Maxwell House, Arundel Street, LONDOi IM, W-C.

collector." " That well-known source of information on the market and Manchester Guardian.

BRYAN'S DICTIONARY of PAINTERS - - - AND ENGRAVERS. With 500 Illustrations, including 40 Photogravure Plates. Many persons, without doubt, possess works of art which they will find, on consulting the Dictionary, possess considerable value. A dictionary of the monograms and marks of particular collection*, the signatures of the principal artists, etc.

Artistic productions represent in value many millions of pounds, and, apart from a few rare examples, the value of such treasures is but little known.

Fores says: — "Concentrates the buyer's attention." Ackermann's say: — " Saved many damaged pictures. " I Hke the screen, for it puts on show Drawings that could not be exhibited before." — Mr. "It's a fine idea; people stop and are interested." — Mr. Combridge, Dublin: — " Been very useful ; made extra sales." anva NTflrpc i Warpless!

Property of the late Leicester Hibbert, Esq., late of Misbourne House, Calverley Park Gardens, Tun- bridge Wells ...

Collection of the late John Dickinson, Esq., late of Park House, Sunderland 12 December 6, igog.

French Illustrated Books of the XVIIIth & Xl Xth Centuries.

NEWLING, Manufacturers, Carvers & Gilders, Fine Art Agents k Packers, 2, IERCY ST., LONDON, W.

List of Sales Index : — Pictures Drawings Engravings :— Artists Engravers PAGE XV 421—454 457—472 475— 4S7 491—523 Art Prices Current.

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