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In 1999 Kemper left the Government and started up Denver Home Loans, LLC which ran for 13 years.As compliance requirements and Government oversight got more intense he decided to get out of ownership and back to his native roots of loan origination.Jeff is happily married and has two children as well as a furry four-legged family member. The cost for 2 hours of CE Credit is per agent. Host: Morgan Bolinder 2 big reasons you should learn about the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase: 1) Increase your business 2) Create consistent lead flow Otherwise known as HECM for Purchase (Home equity conversion mortgage).Jeff is very active and enjoys working out, playing baseball, skateboarding, snowboarding and jiu-jitsu. An FHA program designed to help seniors age 62 and over purchase a new home without monthly mortgage payments.Welcome to the Accountant Forums, full of expert advice for accounting related topics.Please join our friendly community by clicking the button below - it only takes a few seconds and is totally free.

Of particular importance the student will be able to understand how to use a Reverse Mortgage to purchase a property.

Justin Cooper is a husband, father of two, a full time real estate investor and Senior Loan Officer with Pine Financial Group.

Justin has been investing since 2007 and has completed several renovations on residential properties in Denver, Colorado.

If you are fixing and flipping or buying rentals you will want to join us and learn when and why to use hard money including how to buy properties with no down payments.

We will also cover other types of financing including, conventional and bank financing to see what delivers the best cash on cash return.

He quickly fell in love with taking care his clients from end to end, and better educating them on insurance and insurance risks.

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