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it was the PTSD-like things i was experiencing due to all the awful flashbacks to scenarios where i felt i humiliated myself or fucked up that led me to pursue meditation and try and further my spirituality and try to love myself so something positive could even come from an awful break-up, there is a positive to every situation Eh, I think you can have a few "true loves" through out your lifetime. basically the easiest way to get over them (and its very possible) is to cut all contact as facebook photo's are part of your ruminating problem at the moment.

We have been broken up now since April, yet it still hurts me every day, looking at her photos on Facebook etc just about kills me inside to know I lost her.

This is one that can last a really really long time if we try and "deal" with it twenty four seven with a drug or alcohol.. as others have said, over time the raw feelings of loss and pain will dissolve and it will eventually become easier to think about the one you loved without resurrecting those.

I remember when i broke up with a true love, shit hurt so bad I climbed into a bottle for over a year.. sobered up for awhile and after three months and finally dealt with it pretty good.. I still think about her sometimes, first thought was her when i read this thread title, but know its just of some of the amazing times we had and not that awful sadness and pain. some people move on easier than others and there is no set time frame that is considered "acceptable" to mourn the loss of your love, its individual and when youve have enough; youll know. take it one day at a time and be gentle with yourself. All feelings of loss do slowly become less and less - It doesn't matter how raw / rough it feels to you 'now' with time you sort of learn to live with it.

When we read the common thread of Scripture, from Genesis to Jesus to Paul, we read that, “a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two will become one flesh…

The one flesh union is not less than sex, but it is certainly more.

Paul wrote that we look like people who “do not know God,” (1 Thess.

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