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Even if this don't work a 100% of the time, I'm sure it will be a great help.

Compatibility level for a VM – VMware introduces a compatibility level for a VM. You can also define a compatibility level per VM, or per cluster.

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Up to 64 v CPU per VM – (was 32v CPU in v Sphere 5.0) – the new virtual hardware continues to support higher demanding workloads, which needs “Monster VMs”. VMware doubles the number of v CPU per VM here.1 Tb of RAM – unchanged from v Sphere 5.0Improved 3D Graphics Support – (View Only) – hardware acceleration with possiblity to leverage NVIDIA's hardware cards installed in ESXi server, where those graphics cards are virtualized and used in View Desktops.The VMs with older hardware are supported on newer version of VMware v Sphere.The Default VM Compatibility – can be set per host or per cluster. As the transition to out of the classical v Sphere client, this feature is available only through the v Sphere Web Client, as in future releases of v Sphere, the standard C v Sphere Client will be phased out.VMware v Sphere 5.1 and onwards introduces a new way of updating VMware tools where the reboot of the VM will no longer be necessary.The driver replace mechanism is new in v Sphere 5.1 so the last time when you'll have to reboot your VM it's when you'll update VMware tools from 5.0 - 5.1.VMware Introduces compatibility level in VMware v Sphere 5.1.

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