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If by some miracle he should serve out his first term, he mustn’t be allowed a second.

Voters of good conscience must swarm the polls in 2020. Ignore the fact that the Black unemployment rate isn’t at its lowest in decades. What do you think Mr Blow will say when that “miracle” happens? Where an elected official (in this case the POTUS) gets to perform the duties the American people elected him to do.

Whites are roughly 7% of the world’s population, and according to The history of America is one in which European settlers braved the unknown and carved out the greatest nation on the planet with their bare hands and innovative minds.

It was a nation created by White men for White people.

Professionally, Mr Blow is definitely obsessed with “racism.” Which is pretty much the prerequisite for Black “op-ed” writers in major newspapers (scream “racism” and scream it loudly).

Come to think of it, I can’t recall the last time I read an op-ed piece by a Black columnist that wasn’t in some way correlated with racism.

A word that has transcended its literal definition and evolved into a slur used relentlessly against non-conforming Whites as a modus operandi for character assassination.

That’s what race is; variation within the species between groups that evolved in different places for thousands of years.

However, my purpose isn’t to critique Mr Blow’s efforts at perfecting the art of literary victimhood, but rather his opinions.

After all, freedom of speech is one of the pillars of “White supremacy.” Which, ironically enough, enables people like Mr Blow to publicly call the most powerful man in the world racial epithets on a daily basis.

Once a boy was labeled a “faggot,” he might as well have been one in the eyes of his peers. The reason that racism is such a powerful concept is because it provides legitimacy to the inadequacies within the Black community.

In other words, accusations of White racism are excuses for Black failure.

The last one I remember was in the , in which the author theorized that high Black mortality rates were due to a combination of cruel treatment by White doctors and a lack of Black doctors. If this were Barack Obama, Tiki-torch-toting Nazis would have descended on the White House and burned it to the ground.

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