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He’d found a supposed Texan, gun-loving supporter of Donald Trump who consistently tweeted material opining that Bashar al-Assad was being unfairly vilified.

Earlier, as a Wikipedia article notes, “In July 2011, U. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Assad had ‘lost legitimacy’ as President.But you had to save that Sevastopol naval base, didn’t you?It’s all about the naval bases — and also in Syria, where the urge to have a toe in Mediterranean waters made you buddy up with one of the world’s most grisly dictators.This article was written by Bernie Najarian with assistance from Kamil Beylant, Artémie Khazdjian and friends who remain nameless.I reproduce it entirely and with minor adjustments, illustrated with additional images and/or screenshots, in this blog with permission.True, I never succeeded in becoming a credible speaker, but I can find my way around.

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