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Outside of the regular dating sites, one could argue that adding a friend on Facebook is grounds for online dating-especially if you're like me and friend adding is as important as getting a phone number. I have no issues with people who have joined them-my cousin met his wife on a dating site.

I have my reasons for not signing up: First of all, I don't want extra help to meet someone.

After a while, going out to bars to meet people gets frustrating.

For me, it's going out,barely finding anyone interesting and collecting numbers that never amount to anything.

Served 3 years which is a minimum sentence for Home invasion second degree.....not about him being a bad boy its deeper than that he is a good guy........ there is no knowning how many others he committed that he wasnt caught for...

Get back to us on what they say Home invasion 2nd degree, 3 years minimum sentence is what he served , released 1 month ago.......people change am i right? Think about all the stupid things you did at that age. I know what its like to find a guy andfind out he has a very dark past. I thoughthe was this great - oh my god amazing man. He may be all amazing and edgy and all that but reallyreally think about this. Home invasion 2nd degree.......people change am i right?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. actually I couldn't see much of him..."*********OK I kid.... but its not about what he DID its about who is now to me......sure how to go about telling my parents..........looking for advice on that not if he is a good guy or not..... Since her situation is a difficult one, I personally feel some good parent advice couldn't hurt :)Oh God. Really - you need to really really think about getting with Mr. but its not about what he DID its about who is now to me......sure how to go about telling my parents..........looking for advice on that not if he is a good guy or not..... Isn't that what happened to those folks in Florida? In answer to your question, people do change a little. I would flip out if I had a daughter who told me she was dating an ex-convict/home invader. If you're gonna tell them, then just be upfront and honest, and don't get agitated if they start yelling at you.

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It's tough for me to find cute girls who like good music, or have similar interests.

Years ago there was a stigma with meeting people on dating sites.

These days, with the rise of social networking, it's more accepted.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. If your parents are supporting you 100%, the news that you are dating someone who was a guest of the government might not go over very well, especially if one is overprotective Every parent is different, only you would know how your parents would react, I know my parents who have a cow I can just imagine the conversation at thanksgiving ME: Mom , dad this is Sherry Mom: Oh what do you do for a living Sherry? He might be a good friend, but do you really want to hook up with him? I was talking to a guy I met on another site for a good while, and he never told me he'd been in prison.

I met this guy we just started dating he is awesome. Sherry: nothing much, I just got out of Prison Mom: drops the plate of turkey, and makes a beeline for the phone to call her lawyer to take me off the will and disown me, as my Dad is showing us the door. Do you really want this guy in your parents' (or your) house? His son unwittingly told me that Daddy hadn't been around most of his life because he did "that long time".

Very affectionate all that good warm and fuzzy stuff. You look like a smart girl, so please dont do something stupid.

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