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That is right, so let me ask you this, you're looking at certain things where she had a stumble or a coughing fit, I hope if you read her medical note from her doctor, that was far more detail, detailed than the one from Donald Trump's doctor.This won't be the last time you see a GOP mouthpiece try to pass off fiction as fact, but maybe we will see more journalism from the folks who have been letting these people get away with telling lies for so long.

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You're saying because she is coughing she is not as healthy as Donald Trump.

A more candid assessment from a makeup artist who freelances: “I mean, frankly, to me, those smart women on Fox look like bimbos.”Bimboism on the news is a relative novelty.

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, female anchors on all TV news sets wore demure jackets, matte lipstick, and tame — occasionally severe — hairdos.

His letter from his doctor is borderline ridiculous.

DUFFY: Brianna, we use common sense and we look at both of them on the stump.

Into the hands of their embellishers, anchors pour their doubts, fears, and desires: above all, the desire to look not simply better than their competitors but a lot better than nature made them.

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