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Suitable for hanging baskets, bird feeders, lighting.

با استفاده از بخش Filed Properties در پنجره مذکور می توانید بسته به دلیل استفاده از فیلد, یکی از سه حالت Yes/No, True/False (درست یا غلط) یا On/Off (روشن و خاموش) را به کار ببرید.

I'm going to focus on heroes, as the post title suggests, this can also apply to side characters, even in non-romance.

Angie Thomas' The Hate You Give, for example has an uncle who is a police officer and his character was great.

I don't want to yuck anyone's yum, if you really like reading about guys who break rules and laws to get their true love, then all of that is cool.

But, I get the sense that some authors aren't presenting this as naughty behavior the hero engaged in because he hadn't fully confronted his emotions, but more like silly things book heroes do.

Just like I can't read your story about a real estate developer looking for a fourth wife who has declared bankruptcy a time or two without going hmm, there are things that are too close to current concerns that it's a lot harder to not think of current issues. Anything your hero does that could be curtailed by the heroine calling the police (following her on dates, waiting for hours outside her apartment after she has told him she doesn't want to see him) takes on an added level of danger when it is done by a police officer.

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