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Please be aware when you are purely just passing on information, you wouldn't be contacted with any updates or outcomes.(2/2) ^CC If you are not a victim of fraud and you are just looking to pass on the information, you would log a report via the option ' I am not a victim, I have information relating to a fraud to pass on'.Crazy Egg’s messaging is also right on the money, as demonstrated by this compelling CTA: This call to action hits several major marks.First, it establishes why trying out Crazy Egg is risk-free, using simple language that reinforces the safety of trying out their service.

Personally, I think they could get away with scrapping the “You’re interested in…” field, but the CTA itself – “Talk to us” – is brilliant.Getting prospective customers to do what you want them to do can be like herding cats.They abandon shopping carts before checking out, they don’t sign up for your beautifully written newsletter, and they don’t even have the common courtesy to read your blog posts all the way to the end. To get your prospects to do what you want, all you have to do is include a compelling call to action on your website and in your marketing campaigns. Well, actually, call to action marketing is harder than it sounds.Why send a gift card when you can Send a Gift Rocket?It’s no secret that Contently puts out some of the best content around, but their landing pages also incorporate some great calls to action.Action Fraud are purely the reporting centre and don't deal with the outcomes or investigations of the reports. (2/2) ^CC Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime.

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