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There are plenty of those already floating around the web (including our own) and in magazines. have an amazing shop that I want to die inside of every time I visit, but this is such a strong build that I believe it can retain your full attention without all the mystery and hype typically surrounding the atypical Porsche enthusiast.I think that this is the build that will truly elevate Magnus from a dreadlocked guy in a shed bolting together nine-elevens to a highly regarded car builder.This car is Walker’s most thorough build to date and he went through virtually every nut and bolt this time around, leaving no screw unturned.As petrol heads, you’ll all know what I mean when I say that you build your first couple of cars on trial-and-error, but eventually comes a day when all of your mistakes lead to a more perfect build. I think it’s safe to say that Magnus has never owned a car that wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but this time around that wouldn’t be enough.

It seemed for a while like that day might never arrive, but good things always come to those who wait.While Singer have made a name for themselves by converting newer Porsches into long-hood replicas complete with the latest and greatest running gear, Magnus sticks to the tried-and-true retro-mod methodology.Like all of his other well-known builds, this car started out its life as an early nine-eleven, Walker has simply accentuated, tuned and tweaked what was there.While all of his life’s past experiences have definitely helped to shape his automotive vision, this car is so epic that it would stand out in a crowd regardless of who built it.Those in the know will quickly recognize many of Magnus’ signature bits like his now-synomamous louvered engine cover and integrated R taillights.The care that was taken to smooth out the edges where the arch begins shows growth in Magnus’ work.

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