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Radiometric dating is the term used to describe the process that includes carbon dating.

Also, there's some translation errors and outright dishonesty: dating works fine, but more to the point, if anomalies were the issue the next step would be to try to figure out what was causing the unusual results so we could improve carbon dating. Their goal isn't better science, but to dismiss the whole notion of science, of objective reality really, so they can keep their fantasy. Carbon dating is fickle business and very difficult.

So if you know something died in 900AD, the carbon dating might say it was from 700 AD.

And, lastly, carbon dating is only for short-term dating. Anything older and you need to use another radioactive isotope to perform the test.

The simple fact that there is sediment on top of mountains that was laid down over millions of years on the sea floor, etc, makes them irrelevant.

Carbon dating works like this: All living organisms take in carbon from outside themselves.

It removes us from our special place in the universe. So if evolution is right, the bible is wrong once again.

See, they think that god created man in his image, because it says so in the bible.

They feel threatened by evolution, because it kinda proves that humans were not simply created as-is out of nothing (or dirt).

Other dating methods, which do not suffer the same pitfalls, put the age of the Earth at 4.5 billion years, and a minimum age for the universe at 6.5 billion years. Evidence and Logic, to the beliver, is a poisonous elixir, which will burn away the eternity of their souls.

Evidence and Logic, they simply pretend aren't there.*How do you prove something when Logic is relegated to having a negligible effect on your argument?

C14 has a half life of right around 5,730 years give or take a few decades, which means that after that time, only half of the original amount remains.

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