Catchy phrases dating headlines

All you have to do is take a popular quote from a books, movie, song, commercial, or anything that’s out there in popular culture and add in your keywords.

The more iconic or ingrained it is in our everyday lives, the better. It obviously still has to make sense when you read it.

In fact, it should be similar enough to the original thing that people understand it, but different enough that people “get it” as soon as they read it. You Merely Adopted [Topic] EX: You merely adopted copywriting And Thus, The 4 age of cooking began Categories To Fill In: [Topic] [Noun] [Desired Result] [Negative Term] [Process To Result] List emails are some of the more standard type of emails you can write. Having a number upfront is one of the simplest ways to capture someone’s attention.

So if you get a chuckle after thinking up of one, then you’re probably headed in the right direction. They are up there with benefit-driven emails in terms of how often people see them. This is especially true if that number is an odd number. If you look at the data behind the most viewed types of blog posts, listicables, which is the same thing as a list email subject line, are some of the most viewed piece of content there is.

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Plus, you will end up writing an email with interesting content since you’re relating “boring” information with an influencer that means something to you. They don’t sound like something a person would put in an email subject line. For the most part, people will be using very standard email subject lines. Again, it doesn’t have to make complete sense like a regular, benefit-driven email subject line will. You zig with one understandable idea, but you zag by positioning it in an unusual way.

[Authority’s Name] [Topic] Secret EX: Harry potters marketing secret What [Authority Name] Says About [Topic] EX: What Gary Bencivenga says about sales copy [Authority’s Name] Forgotten Secret EX: Benjamin franklin’s dog training secret [Topic] Tips From [Authority’s Name] EX: Tennis tips from Roger Federer [Institution’s Name] [Topic] Secret EX: Harvard’s college acceptance secret The [Topic] Secret [Authority’s Name] Almost Took To His Grave EX: The copywriting secret David Ogilvy almost took to his grave The [Authority’s Name] Method Of [Topic] EX: The steve jobs method of public speaking The [Authority’s Nickname] Best [Topic] Secret EX: The prince of print’s best copywriting secret [Topic] Secret Hidden Inside The [Source Of Information] EX: Muscle building secret hidden inside tomb Lost [Topic] Tip From The [Source Of Information] EX: Lost stock trading tip from the bible [Authority’s Name] Prophecy EX: Benjamin franklin’s prophecy [Topic] Secrets From [Authority’s Nickname] EX: Conversion secrets from the original copyhacker Categories To Fill In: [Authority’s Name] [Topic] [Authority’s Nickname] [Institution’s Name] [Source Of Information] Weird emails are just like what name says. In fact, they are probably the closest thing to a tabloid headline there is without actually being a tabloid headline. Check out the templates below for examples of this.

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It’s also because of these books, movies, and songs that we adopt certain sayings, quotes, or just general ideas.

They can big like Steve Jobs is to entrepreneurship or small(er) like Gary Vaynerchuk is to social media. You can use famous influencers from history like Sun Tzu, Confucius, Nostradamus, Alexander The Great, Julius Ceaser, Benjamin Franklin…etc You can use famous movie heroes like Iron Man, Batman, Harry Potter, and more.

Any influential person, whether real or fictitious counts.

This ostensibly makes these messages available only to bilingual and international audiences.

The extra can be anything from a plot-relevant point to additional dialogue (often used to demonstrate that they've Shown Their Work with the language) to a random gag.

Below, I give you an entire swipe file of 144 email subject line templates you can use today. They can be used for newsletters, direct sales pitches, or anything else you want to send your list. That’s because they are very straight-forward and basic. Another is to use a benefit that your target audience really wants. A fourth is to use power words or just wordsmith the subject line effectively. But instead of letting you go at it on your own, here’s 12 benefit-driven email subject lines you can use today to make sure you get it done right. The first thing you’ll probably hear about is something controversial. With email though, you don’t just want to talk about little controversies. The ones that, if true, would change how people think about a certain topic. And depending on the topic, it can be extremely divisive.

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