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And like everything else in life, they will base their adult decisions on what they observed and practiced growing up.If they grew up in an environment where every belief was hailed as equal, they will deduce (minus God’s intervention), that they can decide truth for themselves.

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On both sides, parents are freaking out, and the couple is getting tired of going to each other’s churches. Should they present both options to their kids and let them decide? If you are in an inter-denominational relationship, these questions complicate the real issue and potentially set you up for heated conflict with your partner.

So if you’re dating someone from another religious background, take the opportunity to investigate both traditions. Her blogs, Bible studies, fiction, and non-fiction reach a wide audience.

(Do you even know what your theological differences are? ) Analyze, pray, and decide: will one of you switch denominations, or will you choose a new denomination together? Just base your decision on God’s word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. You can find her philosophizing about life, education, family, and Jesus at email her at [email protected]

Since marriage is a possibility in any long-term dating relationship, wisdom would dictate that the couple address denominational and theological issues early in their dating relationship before emotion and optimism cloud reason.

That gives them time to study, visit, and discuss their spiritual priorities.

I attend every Sunday, serve with the childrens ministry, give money to the church, and read my Bible and daily devotionals. My mom persecutes me almost daily about how I was baptized a Catholic and obligated to be a Catholic. I am newly engaged and now she says my marriage will be invalid before God if I am not married by a priest. I believe that God will be very present in my marriage as my fiancé and I are both very strong in our faith.

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