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Chapter 6 of Title IV (Violence Against Women Act) of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act funded nonprofit organizations to sustain IPV intervention and prevention projects (CCRs) in local communities.In 2010, the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act was reauthorized.The key to prevention is focusing on first-time perpetration and first-time victimization.Knowledge about the factors that prevent IPV is lacking.View large image and text description Help us prevent suicide.Let’s save lives by stopping suicidal thoughts and behaviors before they start.How It Works When you sign up, this message will automatically post on February 12th from your social media account and those of leaders, organizations, violence prevention professionals, and people empowering youth to make relationships healthy.

The reauthorization continues to direct CDC to fund state domestic violence coalitions for the purpose of funding and supporting local efforts to prevent intimate partner violence.The Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances (DELTA) program seeks to reduce the incidence (i.e., number of new cases) of IPV in funded communities.The program addresses the entire continuum of IPV from episodic violence to battering through a variety of activities.Research indicates that IPV exists on a continuum from episodic violence—a single or occasional occurrence—to battering (Johnson, 1995).Battering is more frequent and intensive and involves one partner who develops and maintains control over the other.Learn more through a CDC infographic about preventing youth violence.

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