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What I always wondered was how profitable these ads were for Craigslist? The far left will Ben equally to blame for the death of the internet as we know it.

They were free and I guess they brought people to the site but it wasn't like the closet case looking to get their dick sucked would also buy a used car while they were on the site. I never use Craigs List but I did occasional look for chuckles, but I can't believe that the closet case Republican Congress shut down one of their top hook-up sites. Did you see the hysteria that followed the Facebook news this week.

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Have you not noticed ANYTHING that has happened in American in the last 18 months? Breaking up social media has been the MO for the Republican party for a long time now.You’ll come to find that Facebook will be known as the Harvey Weinstein of social media, with controversy after controversy engineered by both the right and left, albeit for different reasons.What’s more enraging about the left though is their hypocrisy toward net neutrality, which can only exist with personal accountability. The Bill includes APPS and even facebook (see last few sentences)With bipartisan enthusiasm, the U. House of Representatives has just passed a bill that would endanger sex workers, make life even worse for human trafficking survivors, put both free speech and social media in serious jeopardy, and drastically expand federal prosecutorial power. FOSTA's actual targets are adults consensually engaging in prostitution as well as web platforms that allow user-generated content. 1865, is euphemistically named the "Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act" (FOSTA), despite the fact that there's nothing stopping state authorities from punishing sex traffickers and their allies at present and despite the fact that trafficking victims can already sue abusers in civil court.Opinions are just that, and don't need to be supported by facts or evidence, although presenting them can make someones case much more compelling. I am sure there was something like this when you used craigslist but maybe it just needs reworded.

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