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Levy in New York in 1997, making him the only multiple winner who has a 100 per cent record in the event.

News about the evolution of conversational agents, virtual agents, chatterbots, brand agents, whatever terminology you prefer.

Our computer chatbot Do-Much More won the 2009 Loebner Prize competition, widely regarded as the World Championship for conversational software.

The competition took place in Brighton, England, during the Inter Speech 2009 conference on speech technology.

Universities Chatbot increases student registrations leads by an average of 100% for sales and email campaigns.

Blog: University Chatbot - When And Why Should Universities Use Chat Bots?

Now business can engage with their customer in a personalised, emotional and way and is available 24/7.

Digital marketing today is more than directing traffic to a landing page, collecting e-mails and subscribing them to a drip campaign.

Blog: Ecommerce Chatbot – Use Chat bots as Your Shopping Assistants Blog: Chatbot for Websites – 4 Reasons Why You Must Have a Chatbot on Your Website Blog: Ecommerce Chatbot – 4 Amazing Chatbot Conversations with Real Clients Cars Chat Bot generates up to 200% more automotive leads for sales teams and email campaigns.

It’s impossible to fix these problems with a bot, but a bot can certainly help to make the situation better.

The first “operative” bot in the healthcare sphere dates back to 50 years ago.

This time, chatbots are becoming Big Business, almost at once: Every month, over 900 million people around the world communicate with friends, families and over 50 million businesses on Messenger.

It’s the second most popular app on i OS, and was the fastest growing app in the US in 2015.

by Erwin van Lun on 8 months, 3 weeks ago in Agent's perception of humans, Gesture recognition, Speech recognition, Agent's Expression, Speech synthesis (TTS), Agent's Capabilities, Object Recognition, Business News Although #chatbots are popping up everywhere at the moment with all kinds of varying quality, I personally love this example. I like it either because of its simplicity, but especially because of its potential.

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