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Those misfit toys weren't misfit because they were broken.

They're ALL kinds of freaky naughty pervy and were banished to that island (the same one Ted Cruz plans to send swingers after he's elected) so they wouldn't pervert the rest of society.

And, because there are so few willing to have sex with an angry man, he gets frustrated and pulls out his dictionary.

On closer inspection I don't think that's Gizmo after all.

Trust me..don't want a reputation for being a complainer.

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She played in some popular films like 'Hiripoda Wessa', 'Machan' and 'Nildiya Yahana' and a large number of Teledramas.

She turned as a producer with co-producing 'Sihina Kumari' teledrama. popular film and teledrama actress Chathurika Peiris's photos.

Iman was the Somali daughter of an OB-GYN and a diplomat whose origin story of legend—fabricated, to her great annoyance, by fashion photographer Peter Beard—was as “an African tribe girl who used to roam 500 miles” looking for water in the desert.

As media outlets—particularly mass-market women’s titles—continue the push to rope in readers online, one pub has tapped into the strength of interactivity to bind its audience closer.

“People tell me I’m crazy to leave my dating decisions up to the masses,” says Shelasky, who joined the team and launched the blog on August 15.

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