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Research areas in the department cover a wide range of subject matter, including applied chemistry, chemical synthesis, biological chemistry, environmental chemistry, chemical analysis, materials chemistry, chemical physics and theoretical chemistry.All students admitted into our graduate programme will receive a competitive stipend.He is responsible for overseeing CIAC’s environmental, health and sustainability issues; administrating RC verification processes; working with the National Advisory Panel, and coordinating best practice sharing and mutual support among Responsible Care participants.He has extensive experience working with industry and governments in the development and implementation of effective, evidenced-based environmental regulations, policies and initiatives.As the founders of Responsible Care®, the industry’s globally-recognized sustainability initiative, our commitment to its ethics and principles means that we are focused on the betterment of society, the environment and the economy and that we do the right thing and are seen to be doing the right thing.The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) welcomes the publication of the Generation Energy Council Report Canada’s Energy Transition: Getting to Our Energy Future, Together.

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Applicants who are interested in the production, preparation, and application of nuclear isotopes for science and medicine may consider the Iso Si M program.Previous to working for CIAC, David held positions in Revenue Canada and Industry Canada.In the latter, he participated in the Canada-US Free Trade negotiations, the GATT Uruguay Round, and the North American Free Trade Negotiations.She spent eleven years in the natural resources sector in a number of progressive positions including as VP, Market Relations and International Trade with the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) and VP, Market Relations for British Columbia’s Forestry Innovation Investment, Inc.Isabelle holds a BA, Communications from the University of Ottawa. 242 Email: [email protected] Business & Economics and Board Secretary David joined CIAC in 1994 and, along with the rest of the Business and Economics Team, is responsible for coordinating analysis and advocacy geared to achieving improvements in the global competitiveness of CIAC members.He is extremely proud of three years he spent volunteer teaching in Nigeria.

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