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It is found in the balanced life, somewhere between everything and nothing, culture and faith, the place where Christ resides.

Despite what many of us have been taught, there is nothing inherently wrong with dating.

When two people in the group finally do connect, they often break away from their friends to escape the gossip and preconceived notions.

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In fact, many of the fallacies prevalent in the dating world were created by Christians.

They don't have to be responsible for anything because it is easy to disperse ownership with others involved.

And they don't have to ask any one girl out because they can enjoy all of them at the same time!

Although dating sounds like an ideal way to simply shop around for Mr. I can appreciate their intentions, but going from one extreme to another has not alleviated our problems.

Right, it is too easy to get emotionally and physically involved. It has just given most singles a whole new set of issues to deal with—loneliness, despair, and confusion ranking at the top of the list.

They told me that they had been married for eight years and that the first four years were the roughest of their lives.

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