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All evangelicals believe in biblical inspiration, though they disagree over how this inspiration should be defined.

Today, evangelicals are found across many Protestant branches, as well as in various denominations not subsumed to a specific branch.According to Brian Stanley, professor of world Christianity, this new postwar consensus is termed neo-evangelicalism, the new evangelicalism, or simply evangelicalism in the United States, while in Great Britain and in other English-speaking countries, it is commonly termed conservative evangelicalism.Over the years, less conservative evangelicals have challenged this mainstream consensus to varying degrees.As a trans-denominational movement, evangelicalism occurs in nearly every Protestant denomination and tradition.The Reformed, Baptist, Wesleyan, Pentecostal, Churches of Christ, Plymouth Brethren, charismatic Protestant, and nondenominational Protestant traditions have all had strong influence within contemporary evangelicalism.Into the 21st century, evangelical has continued in use as a synonym for (mainline) Protestant in continental Europe, and elsewhere.

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