Clair danes dating


In 20, Danes garnered Emmy nominations once again for her work on the show.

Finally, though, after nearly two years of waiting, the show made it on television.When she's released as part of a prisoner exchage seven months later, Carrie is barely lucid - having had her medication witheld - and seems to not even recognise Saul.Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) also opted to resign the presidency, deciding that the tumultous events of her administration had left the American people unable to trust her.While ratings for the program never ballooned, the show proved to be a hit with critics, and Danes's performance was a big reason why. In 1998, she put her film career on hold to pursue an undergraduate degree at Yale University. "I had played so many roles but I didn't really know who I was." debuted in 2011, featuring Dane as a CIA agent.Danes even earned a Golden Globe for Best Actress, but ABC's patience for the show was thin, and the series was pulled after just 19 episodes. Her character suspects a Marine sergeant (Damian Lewis) of being involved a possible terror plot.Season six ended with the tragic death of Peter Quinn, and the seventh run will see Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes) leave her job at the White House to take on the Keane administration in Washington DC.

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