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These brief screening tools are designed to identify as many potential cases as possible, while at the same time minimizing false positives.Recommended tools include: Each of these instruments has been empirically validated and is quick and easy to administer. Screening questions should be addressed to each adult family member, with collateral reports used when necessary, or in addition to self-reports.These base rates for alcohol problems and risky drinking are high in the general population, but they are considerably higher in clinical populations.Given the high rates of co-morbidity between alcohol use disorders and other psychiatric disorders, and the strong association that exists between drinking behavior and mood regulation, stress, and interpersonal and family problems, a high proportion of individuals, couples, and families who present for therapy may be experiencing or may be at risk for alcohol problems.

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Since recurrent psychological, relationship, or family problems often are secondary to alcohol problems, screening for alcohol problems in settings where these problems typically are treated is especially important.Risky drinking patterns include high-volume drinking, high-quantity consumption on any given day, and even any consumption, if various medical or situational factors are present.Consumption is quantified in terms of standard drinks, which contain approximately 14 grams, or .6 fluid ounces, of pure alcohol (See Appendix B for a graphic portraying standard drink equivalencies for popular alcoholic beverages).Even in the context of individual therapy, it is useful to routinely gather information from the client about the alcohol use of their spouse or other adult family members who are not present to determine whether a family member's drinking may be contributing to the client's problems.A number of standardized screening instruments are available to help you quickly identify current and potential alcohol problems.The alcohol problems framework explicitly recognizes tremendous heterogeneity in the severity, duration, progression, etiology, consequences, and manifestations of alcohol problems.

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