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For large applications, where you have written many of your own reusable elements, you may want to upgrade elements individually to hybrid mode.Before you start the upgrade, there's a couple of things you need to do.At Torpedo, we are experts in how to manage Google Analytics when rebranding or relaunching a website.To help with this change, we recommend the following steps to help make your Google Analytics migration process as efficient as possible.If you are unsure how to add annotations the following is a useful resource: 4. If your filters involve your URL or hostname, this will apply to you.

Add an annotation to the timeline in Google Analytics on the date of the changeover for your reference so that it is clear when this change happened.Some companies will prefer a completely fresh start and not use old data to benchmark due to significant business/market changes.Although this is not advisable, it may be the right solution for your business as it keeps data separated. Add the existing Google Analytics tracking code to every page of your site before the closing tag.You will see the following screen where you may add/update referral exclusions. You will need to either update or create new Ad Words and Search Console accounts.These need to be linked to the Google Analytics account to prevent loss of data or tracking.The remaining changes require either manual code changes, testing, or both to ensure that your element operates the same in 2.0 as it did in 1.x. See Install Polymer 2.0 for installation instructions. For simple elements, just updating the DOM template and styling may be enough to get the element running in 2.x legacy mode.

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