Cosmopolitian magazine dating


So it's perhaps no coincidence that the majority of successful and wealthy men in the world have brown eyes.

But, does your brown-eyed guy struggle to wake in the morning? A recent study in the journal of Chronobiology International revealed that, on average, the sleep cycles of those with darker coloured eyes are as much as two hours behind those with lighter pigmentation.

S., the National Center on Sexual Exploitation announced in a news release Tuesday.

The next time you gaze into a guy's eyes, take note of their colour - it may give you a far deeper glimpse into his personality than you'd expect.

Brown eyes are most common, followed by blue and then green.

Whether they're pastel or a piercing shade of bright blue, this eye colour is associated with youthfulness and innocence.

The darker the blue, the more passionate his personality, with pale blue eyes often indicating a calm nature.

Walmart is allegedly planning to pull Cosmopolitan magazines from checkout lines at the behest of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

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