Creating a windows 7 self updating hardware independent image


Imagine a Windows SOE image inspired by automation, a single adaptable image to cater for all your business enduser needs.imagine you don’t need any infrastructure or technical resources to build it. Our selfservice cloud-based SOE Portal lets you design, configure and build your customised SOE image with your SOE image development to an Op Ex model that requires no investment in infrastructure or expertise.A disk image is the set state of a hard drive that includes the operating system, drivers, configuration settings, and software. Essentially, this logic allows the system to intelligently make decisions before, during, and after imaging...A disk image can either be captured from an existing computer or programmatically developed for the purpose of redeploying that disk image to other computers. speeding up your deployment and migration time and letting your staff focus on other important projects.After you have established the Universal Images, you can deliver core applications and line-of-business applications as add-on images during the imaging process.

See this post to Resolve issues when you clone Windows 8 installation media using Sysprep tool.

Implementing a unique feature called "compatibility", administrators can define what constitutes the best driver to be selected during imaging – or leave it up to the system's intelligent process for automated selection.

This distinguishing ability is pivotal in every computing environment where manufacturer specific drivers are required for optimal functionality.

Our conditional logic engine dynamically builds all the criteria you need to deploy to your complex environment. You won't believe how easy it is to handle complex deployments.

Imager automatically selects and installs the best driver for each particular platform.

This allows you to ensure that all your imaging servers are using a consistent set of boot files.

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