Creepypasta wiki dating game


Today, it was a message from a mutual friend of his and his late wife Erynn, a man named Kevin. This particular message appeared to have been sent several times in the past week or so, Jeff simply thought that this message contained some especially funny video, or amusing game, and Kevin wanted to make sure it got through.It was a bit strange to get a message from Kevin out of the blue like this. Honestly, Jeff had always wondered if his wife had a little bit of a crush on Kevin.The response "np" would go unread until after the Huniepop session was done a few hours later.Jeff had formulated a strategy for playing the game.

The fact that she had known you for so long, and really had only ever dated you had her in a kind of blissful ignorance. She seemed to think that a life of unfulfilled promises from a man who drinks and plays video games every day was what marriage was all about.

I didn't steal your love away, you pushed her out and took her for granted, whether she ended up leaving you or not, her wavering faith was inevitable. Do you remember that I do volunteer work sometimes?

I could go on about how your faults, and my strengths but it really doesn't matter, especially now. I know that you've suffered in this, how could you not? That my main job is driving ambulances and Emergency Response Vehicles?

So much so that although he intended to play only for an hour or so, until 10 at the latest, then watch the pirated Avengers film, he wound up staying in the world of Huniepop until just past midnight without realizing how much time had passed. I think you and I know more about the other than we ever let on, and Erynn was, is the common denominator in the equation.

If a man doesn't have his pride, his sense of self worth; if he lies in bed at night contemplating the day and can put a mental check mark next to each task he intended to fulfill save for one, night after night, what is his quality of life?

Jeff never worried about it too much, at 27 and 24 years old when she died, he and Erynn had been married for a few years, and if she had a little crush on another guy, it didn't make him feel too jealous or threatened.

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